April, 2018

Malawi - Africa

SYF |Shazad Yaseen Foundation will be delivering humanitarian aid over the next few weeks to vulnerable children and families whom are in desperate need of survival in Malawi (Africa.

15 million Malawians live in a country a little smaller than England. With thousands of households needing desperate help to survive.

By making a donation today you can help us be there for more of Malawi’s vulnerable children and families. Make a change today!

  • The packs costing just £15 will provide food and essential items for the Malawian families for 1 month and contain:
  • Maize Flour
  • Cooking Oil
  • Dry Foods (Chick Peas/Beans and Fish)
  • Rice
  • Sugar/Salt

By making a donation of just £15 you can provide food packs for families.

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