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Education, self-sufficiency, self-sustainability are some of the tools that help empower children.

SYF provide schools with stationary packs, consisting of curriculum books for the children to learn in their key stages, notes books and stationary to aid their learning alongside with desks and support they need to enable children the chance to improve the quality of life.

To help children overcome some of the obstacles scattered in their path; we ensure children have the right to access education, thus breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Education is the key to renovating children’s futures to prosperous ones. However millions are missing out. 124 million children and young people have either never started school or have dropped out, and the number is increasing.

SYF is working in the world’s poorest, most dangerous and hard-to-reach places to bring quality education to every child. SYF are ensuring that as many children across world have the chance to fulfil their potential and create a positive future for themselves. We focus in areas in Africa and Pakistan to enable children the golden skill of knowledge. With this they are able to create a positive future for themselves and their families enabling them to overcome poverty.

Millions of children do not have the opportunity to study simply because they’re a female, or reside in a poverty stricken area.

19 countries account for more than half of all primary age children that do not attend school.

Almost half of children who are not in school are in countries affected by emergencies and natural disasters. For these children whose worlds have been jeopardised by conflict or environmental disaster, we want to be able to provide stability and hope.

  • Donate Today to help us to Help them. Every Child should be given the right to educate themselves. Let’s be the ones who can make a change today. Your donations will
  • ✔︎ Contribute towards school uniforms and backpacks.
  • ✔︎ Provide stationary and books to enable studies.
  • ✔︎ Provide teachers the training facilities to enable them to give children knowledge.